Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

1. Your Dreamforce Survival Guide #DF11

Just a couple of days to go until Dreamforce and if you’re there you absolutely must visit us at booth 1523. The promotion I mentioned last Wrap-up kicks off at the show and I’m pretty sure you’d like to win. Think Austin nightlife, live music, and racecars doing more than 220mph. If you guessed airfare, hotel, and tickets to the first Formula 1 Grand Prix in Austin, you’re right on the money. See? Told you you’d want to win. To help you prepare for the rest of the show, Eloqua has put together a few tips you should keep in mind: Your Dreamforce Survival Guide #DF11

2. The End of Marketing As We Know it

From Google Wave heading back out to sea to the sudden demise of HP’s TouchPad, it’s been a fairly volatile couple of years for product development. Mark Schaefer at {grow} studies these corporate 180s through the lens of brand implications and the impact on marketing strategy. And it’s not a pretty sight. Read more here: The end of marketing as we know it

3. What You Can Learn From The Failure of DVORAK

I was first introduced to the Dvorak layout a few years ago when I noticed tiny little squares of paper taped to the keys of a friend’s keyboard at work. He was maniacal about efficiency (as well as baseball) and had adjusted his keyboard from the standard QWERTY layout to the Dvorak format. This post from the Influential Marketing Blog provides a little history, a little data, and a big lesson about behavior. And while my buddy can now type like the wind, marketers need to remember that sometimes even 212 words per minute just won’t cut it. What You Can Learn From The Failure of DVORAK

4. How Marketing Automation Fits Into Inbound Marketing

The first of a series of posts covering marketing automation and inbound marketing, HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson provides a nice guide that includes ground rules and baseline concepts marketers should know when getting started. Pay particular attention to the last paragraph: How Marketing Automation Fits Into Inbound Marketing

5. Google Intros the +1 Button Payoff

This is the second post about Google+ we’ve done here in as many weeks (from the same source, no less), but as we haven’t quite adopted the +1 Button just yet, I’m thinking there might be a few of you out there who are still thinking about it, too. More information from John Jantsch about why waiting to add Google Plus is costing us: Google Intros the +1 Button Payoff

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