Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Welcome to our weekly wrap-up. Here's some of our favorite insight from around the blogosphere this week:

1. The social minutes from February

To catch you up with recent social media activity, Mike Wilt (@GodfreyB2B) and Anna Gerz (@acg021) of the Godfrey B2B Insights blog bring us a social media highlight reel for last month. Some fun new social sites, a critique of IBM's Watson campaign, and a friendly reminder that every message to a customer is a branding message, even an apology. Check out the full post here: The Business of Being Social: February 2011

2. The Definitive Guide to Sales Lead Qualification and Sales Development

From Jon Miller (@jonmiller2) at Marketo comes this comprehensive, truly definitive guide to building a sales development process and team. You might want to sit down to read this one; Jon goes beyond in-depth. And for those of you with an automated lead scoring program that you believe will suffice for sales development, Jon puts it best: "they can never completely replace the human touch in lead qualification."  Read the full post here: My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads Into Qualified Sales Leads

3. 5 Ways to Fail at Content Marketing and Tips to Succeed

This one comes from Lee Odden (@leeodden) of TopRank Marketing. Sharp insight here, and Lee reminds us that content marketing is about much more than content creation. Targeting, promotion, refinement, and optimization play key roles in ensuring your original content is actually driving traffic and delivering results. Read the full post here: 5 Ways to Fail at Content Marketing and Tips to Succeed

4. Tweet with f*#@ing care

JD Rucker (@0boy) of Soshable relays this marketing lesson from Chrysler. Every message is a branding message, huh? Well how about a big, steamy F-bomb to all your twitter followers? Well done, Chrysler. Read #1 above. You'll be shoveling "branding messages" (apologies) for a long while. Read the full post here: A Lesson from Chrysler

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