Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Welcome to our weekly wrap-up, where we're excited to share some of the best B2B marketing insight we encountered around the blogosphere this week. Here are some of our favorites from this week:

1. Don't assume your customers know what you know

From Elaine Fogel (@Elaine_Fogel) on the MarketingProfs Daily Fix blog comes this helpful reminder to educate your customers about issues that can affect their perception of your performance. This is key to delivering to your customers' expectations, and one that I often forget. It's almost impossible to sell to prospects and satisfy customers when you assume they know as much about your industry as you do. Read Elaine's full post here:

2. Watch for leaks in your drip marketing

This one comes from Maria Pergolino at Marketo (@InboundMarketer). Maria reminds us that while drip marketing is a good way to keep our prospects engaged, we should be very conscientious of the frequency and content of what we're sending. Releveant and timely content is the key to staying in front of your prospects. Read Maria's full post at Marketo's B2B Marketing blog here:

3. Lead nurturing always wins over email blasts

Ellie Mirman (@ellieeille) shares this insight on Hubspot's blog. If you weren't already sure of the power of lead nurturing, Ellie lays out some of the top reasons why it's superior to blasting emails to your prospects. One of the reasons I enjoy the most: you can repurpose existing content. For those of us that work in small marketing organizations, this is HUGE. Check out Ellie's other reasons why you should be employing lead nurturing here:

4. 10 Reasons why your content marketing strategy is failing

Valeria Maltoni, ConversationAgent (@ConversationAge) shines some light on what makes a successful (or unsuccessful) content strategy. #1 reason your strategy is failing: you don't have one! Don't try to boil the ocean, just start somewhere and build from there. Check out Valeria's 9 other reasons a content strategy fails here:

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