Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Friday, all! What do the sales cycle and Science Fiction have in common? Sure, there about fifteen great jokes in there, but if you answered today's Wrap-Up you're spot-on. Here are this week's marketing tips and best practices from around the blogosphere. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

1. From Asimov to Zelazny

“Expertise is a posture as much as it is a volume of knowledge,” writes Seth Godin. Just so. With the sheer volume of new technologies, tools, systems, and channels now available to marketers (with more coming every day), it’s never been more important to develop a deep understanding of resources and the landscape where you’ll apply them for effective campaigns. From Asimov to Zelazny

2. 5 Must-Read Marketing Blogs (Besides the Daily Fix)

This post dovetails nicely with Seth’s post above – now you just need to find the time to take advantage of them. Marketing Prof’s Christian Gulliksen offers a list of great marketing blogs that consistently deliver insight, ideas, and compelling writing that you’ll want to get acquainted with. And yes, we’ll assume that he totally meant to include the B2B Lead on the list: Five Must-Read Marketing Blogs (Besides the Daily Fix)

3. Talkable Barcodes (Yes, Barcodes)

The folks at Brand Autopsy provide a few really cool examples that underscore a fairly important point: never miss an opportunity to make the most out of a customer touch point. Even if that touch point happens to be something as simple as a barcode: Talkable Barcodes (Yes, Barcodes)

4. What Are The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories In Google Adwords?

If you’re developing a PPC strategy you just might want to take a look at this list and infographic – you might be surprised at what you find. Don’t miss the comments section, either, as you’ll find some interesting insight from folks in the business: What Are The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories in Google Adwords?

5. 5 Stages of the New Sales Cycle

A nice post from Duct Tape Marketing covering just how much the sales cycle has changed (and how it hasn’t), and the thinking and strategy smart marketers need to understand if we're going to get it right. Hint: it begins and ends with listening: 5 Stages of the New Sales Cycle

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