Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Hello, all! Hope everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  Although those of us in Austin were limited to fireworks on television, we still had a great time with family and friends. For those of you in wetter parts of the country, hopefully you got to see some live fireworks and enjoyed a little BBQ in the back yard.

July 4th isn't just a great holiday, though. It's also lets us know that we've just stepped into Q3 and it's time to get back to work. To help get the second half of the year started right, here are a few marketing insights from the last two weeks:

1. Five Elements to Writing an Effective Sales Letter

Sure, the post might be about a sales letter, but we in marketing should take some of this wisdom to heart, as well. Drew McLellan provides a great example of the power of personal, targeted communication and how it can truly drive behavior: Five elements to writing an effective sales letter

2. The Dream Thief, the Economist & the Art of Planting Ideas

This post left me feeling a little perplexed. Not “Memento”  or “Inception” perplexed (why are all of these movies by Christopher Nolan?), mind you, but scratching my head a bit. That being said, it does provide some intriguing research about the ownership of an idea and examples of how marketing and advertising can be spectacularly successful when they engage their audiences: The Dream Thief, the Economist & the Art of Planting Ideas

3. I Really Wanted to Hate Google Plus

So why does anyone need another social network? Hasn’t Facebook lost active users in the past year?  I’ve read quite a few posts that paint Google+ as something to be scorned or simply ignored. David Meerman Scott provides a few reasons why you might just want to give this introductory network a chance: I really wanted to hate Google Plus

4. Measurable Marketing Not Always Effective Marketing

This is an interesting perspective on the role of marketers in an organization, as well as the dangers of focusing solely on the quick and easy metrics. While we all endorse measurement, don’t we sometimes long for a day when we can just have some fun and trust that we’re building a brand and driving awareness? Marketers of the world unite, indeed. Measurable Marketing Not Always Effective Marketing

5. A Little Something Extra…

Nope, not a post. What you’ll find below are a couple of links to some cool videos I found this week you just might enjoy. The first is a great spot about Santa getting seriously naughty. While I won’t spoil the surprise, I will say it got me thinking about opportunities and competition. The second is a short video with 29 ideas to help spark your creativity. I must, must, must get better at #27. But that’s me. What ideas resonate with you?

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