Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Friday, everyone! Let's check out some of the best B2B marketing tips from around the blogosphere this week:

1. Kicking Out Unwanted Customers, Alamo Drafthouse Style

Alamo Drafthouse is basically the only place I'll see a movie. For those that don't live in Austin or haven't heard of it, it's a wonderful theater chain that serves food and beverages and screens movies in a much more comfortable environment than most other theaters. They are also unapologetic about their firm stance on talking and texting during movies, as one of their patrons learned recently. While this is a funny video, it's also a great reminder not to compromise your principles for a customer. Check out the post from the Church of the Customer blog here: Kicking Out Unwanted Customers, Alamo Drafthouse Style

2. How to Turn Employees Into An Epic Blogging Team

Got a blog? If you're like most companies that blog, you see more and more inbound traffic the more you post. The challenge is posting frequent, relevant, and fresh content. Why not enlist help company-wide? Check out this post from HubSpot on how to turn your employees into bloggers: How to Turn Employees Into An Epic Blogging Team

3. Social Networks Are Never Private

You knew I had to include something on this. Fortunately, there's a lesson to be learned from Anthony Weiner. Social media can be powerful tools, but having a policy is HUGE because things like this can happen without one. Check out David Meerman Scott's post on Anthony and his weiner here: Social Networks Are Never Private

4. B2B Marketing Best Practices - MarketingSherpa 2011 Handbook

Great summary from Lee Odden of the new report from MarketingSherpa on research-based best practices in B2B marketing. The report itself is chock full of graphs, charts, and plenty of research, but Lee's post provides plenty of helpful tips from the report. Check it out here: B2B Marketing Best Practices

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