Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Friday and welcome to June, everyone! We can tell summer's come here in Austin because the forecast includes highs of over 100 degrees almost daily. Let's check out some of the nice posts from around the blogosphere this week:

1. The Business of Being Social: May 2011

I always enjoy these monthly summaries from Godfrey. Especially interesting in May's wrap-up is an idea that Toyota has implemented to bridge the gap between offline and online social interactions. Check out the post from Anna Gerz and Mike Wilt at Godfrey's blog here: The Business of Being Social: May 2011

2. Landing Page Optimization

If you follow MarketingSherpa or HubSpot at all, you've probably heard more than a few times how important it is to optimize your landing pages for better conversion. I'm sure a lot of marketers out there are like me: they either don't have the time for it or don't know where to begin. This post from Adam Sutton at MarketingSherpa addresses the latter excuse quite well. There are a couple key elements of your landing pages that have been found to be the most impactful, and that's exactly where you can jump into testing and optimization. Check out the full post from Adam here: Landing Page Optimization

3. Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

As short and simple as this post is, it caught my eye because this has been on my mind lately. Especially with regards to the Q&A and LinkedIn groups, I can't help but feel like LinkedIn has become cluttered with people trying to pitch their products and services. Nonetheless, here are a few quick tips on using LinkedIn for lead gen: Using LinkedIn to Generate Leads

4. Introducing "Social Maturity": How Social Media Transforms Companies

I feel like everything I'm sharing these days is about social media, but this really is a cool post on the maturity cycle of companies with regards to social media usage. Here's a fun exercise: see if you recognize any traits of your company in the descriptions of "laggards" or "late majority". If you do, check out the other descriptions to see where you might be behind. Check out the full post from Sean Corcoran via Forrester's blog here: Introducing "Social Maturity": How Social Media Transforms Companies

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