Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips

Happy Seís de Mayo everyone! It's obviously been a HUGE week in the news, so I'm sure most of you haven't had time to peruse the B2B marketing content flowing around this week. Here are some of my favorites from the week:

1. How CRM Revolutionized Marketing and Lead Generation at Volvo North America

Awesome, awesome, awesome video here from the B2B Lead Roundtable Blog (@B2BLeadBlog) that fully documents Volvo Construction's installation of CRM, lead forms, email marketing, lead management, and more. This is a killer video for anyone out there looking to justify marketing spend in any of these areas. It's also a great example of what a good closed-loop marketing strategy can do for you. Do yourself a favor and bookmark this one for the next time you need your boss to understand why you need more budget. Watch the full video here:

2. Which Social Networks Should You Be On?

Are you on LinkedIn? What about Facebook? YouTube? Twitter? Foursquare? MySpace? Ugh, how many social networks can there be? As David Meerman Scott says, you don't have to be on all of these networks. It's more important to find the ones that your customers are on, and focus your efforts on those. That way you're actually establishing a good presence on those instead of a weak presence on every social network under the sun. Check out David's full video at HubSpot's blog (@HubSpot) here:

3. B2B Buyers Research Like Rabbits. Is Your Content Keeping Pace?

"More than 80% of B2B buyers research the internet for answers about products and services." Though I might have guessed that, it gave me a sort of overwhelmed feeling. Where are they searching? What are they finding? How do I control that? As Martine Hunter writes in this post from MLT Creative (@B2BLaunchPad), you have to respond quickly to keep pace with your prospects. Check out her helpful tips on how to do this here:

4. This just in...News no longer breaks, it Tweets

Seeing as how it was the biggest news story of the week, I had to include something about the death of Usama Bin Laden. That said, Brian Solis uses the event to make some brilliant points about Twitter and its place in the new world order of journalism. If nothing else, this should solidify the viability of Twitter in the minds of those (including myself) who have doubted all along. Check out Brian's (@briansolis) full post here:

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