Focus Your Landing Pages Based On Your Lead Segmentation

Ah, the landing page. Such a powerful tool for the marketing professional! Except, of course, when it isn't. Its important to utilize your landing pages for targeting your message to your segmented B2B audience. So, why do some landing pages manage to collect gazillions of unqualified leads while others languish with crickets chirping and cobwebs accumulating? It might be because you've committed one of these landing page blunders ...

1. You Don't Have Enough Landing Pages

How many different groups of people are you trying to target with your landing page? That's how many landing pages you need to create and manage. Say, for instance, that you are targeting multiple size businesses, or perhaps you've got a campaign aimed at CEOs and one aimed at mid-level managers. It could be that you have several products or product lines to tout, each with a different target audience. However many groups you intend to target, you need a separate landing page for each. No doubling up! It isn't summer camp and we aren't out of bunk beds.

2. Your Landing Pages Aren't Long Enough

There has been so much emphasis placed on not making landing pages too long, that they have all of a sudden gotten way, way too short. No, you don't want the landing page to be so long that people forget why they came (or decide to opt out) before they finish reading. But you do need to be thorough enough to impress on them what they stand to gain by following through with filling out the form.

3. Your Landing Pages Focus Only on Generating Leads

The end game is not generating leads. The end game is generating sales. If you don't remember this when you're designing the landing page, you'll end up creating one that generates leads out the ying yang, but does little to improve conversions to actual sales.

4. You Expect the Landing Pages to Market Themselves

Lead generation All of the different groups you are targeting with SEO copy need a unique landing page.

Unfortunately, it's unlikely that many people are going to stumble across your landing pages by accident and -- surprise! -- just fill out the form because you would really like for them to. You have to market the landing pages with extraordinary content, and focus the content to drive people to the landing page. If you do it right, they'll be pumped to fill out the form when they get there.

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