Firmographics Should be Part of Your Lead Generation at the Top of the Marketing Funnel


Firmographics is to B2B marketing what demographics and psychographics are to B2C marketing. Firmographics are the defining characteristics of a given business that fits within the profile of the B2B customer. When you utilize firmographics, you can improve your targeting methods to better catch those leads during the awareness and research phases of your marketing funnel by identifying those most likely to buy and placing your messages where they are most likely to see the content and when they are most likely to be there.

When developing the firmographics you wish to use, take into account things like the lifetime value of your best customers, the customer acquisition costs, customer support and retention costs, etc. That gives you an accurate metric to measure your firmographics success.

Firmographics to Collect on Leads & Customers

Lead generation Firmograhpics tells you the 'personality' of an entire company instead of just the individuals within the business most likely to make a purchase decision.

What firmographic data should you collect on your customers?

• What industry is your ideal client in?

• What types of products or services do they offer?

• What size is the ideal customer in terms of revenue?

• What size is the ideal customer in terms of number of employees?

• Where does your ideal customer do business (aka, what cities, states, regions, etc.)?

• What do your ideal customer's customers look like? Who are they?

• How much does your ideal customer tend to spend with you within a given period of time?

As you can see, firmograhics is just as powerful to the B2B marketer as demographic data is to the B2C marketer.

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