Filling the Page (Purposefully): Great Ideas for Content Creation

Not long ago we talked about the ever-increasing need for new, fresh, relevant content and how quality needs to stay top-of-mind when you’re working to create it. That post is here. This week I’d like to help you do so.

But as I began to research, take notes, and sketch out an outline for this post, I struck gold. Imagine my delight when I found a blog post from a wonderful marketer named Heidi Cohen that not only provided a healthy list of ideas for content creation, but also threw in a few nuggets of wisdom Chris Brogan – just for fun.

You can find the full post (29 Sure-fire Content Marketing Idea Generators) here, but a few of the ideas that caught my attention were:

Offer your perspective on current events. Done right, and quickly, this can be a wonderful opportunity for both targeted content as well as a bit of David Meerman Scott’s NewsJacking.

Share your organization’s stories. Love this one. With the combined experience and knowledge within your team you’ll have miles of content that can be crafted into ideas and tips your customers and prospects could appreciate. Think a great Customer Care win, an unexpectedly well-performing campaign, or insights from your executive team.

Convert Presentations. I mentioned this one in an earlier post, but it never hurts to underscore the point. Too often we marketers forget about the content that we already have – especially when it’s in a different format.

For the rest (26 of them, I might add) visit Heidi’s blog. And let me know if you have additional ideas for creating content in the comments section. How do you keep your content idea folder full?

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