Expert Interview with Robyn Tippins Of Mariposa Interactive On Creating The Best Data-Driven Content Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to data-driven marketing, there is a certain disconnect, with many marketers utilizing social media's ability to mine data but failing to leverage the opportunities that a data-driven content marketing campaign can yield.

Data can yield all manner of actionable insights, like where your customers are coming from, how long they stay on a page, and what keywords they search for, which provide deep insights into who your customers really are and what they want.

Mariposa Interactive is a dedicated content marketing firm that is constantly striving for the most innovative marketing strategies, which keeps their customers ahead of the curve. We spoke to Mariposa Interactive's co-founder, Robyn Tippins, for some insights into how to run a data-driven content marketing campaign.

Can you talk about how content marketing is perhaps now more relevant than ever to stay at the top of search engines and in people's minds, particularly in light of the failing organic reach of certain social networks?

Content marketing is really about storytelling. When someone walks into your store, you have a trained salesperson who knows your product and understands your customer. They have the ability to ask questions, understand what the buyer is attempting to achieve, and ascertain budget in order to move a buyer to a less expensive alternative when necessary.

But this way of shopping is becoming rare. With the convenience of online shopping (or at least online research), the customer is rarely just wandering in. They know what they want, and they get their information online. We hope they get some of that information on your website; because your site, in essence, is the 21st century salesperson. With strong social media marketing, deep and value-filled content and proper lead nurturing workflows, a website can exponentially increase your revenue by efficiently selling, 24/7.

We look at content as pulling people into a strongly functioning sales experience. Social media, despite the dearth of Facebook reach as of late, is one of the primary components of a strong content marketing strategy. Facebook is vital for many businesses, but it's not all there is. We choose other channels for certain businesses - Quora, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

Search is the other component of a strong content marketing strategy. We typically build a content resource center bolstered by strong on-page SEO signals. For many of our clients, we add guest posts primarily to leverage other people's audience rather than for search rankings. Content that lives on your site, though, is like putting money in the bank each month. The value grows and grows, building authority and depth, allowing you to reach a wider audience and giving you the ability to move people through a rich, supported sales cycle.

Being a high-tech content marketing firm, you're undoubtedly up on all of the current business trends. How much time, energy, and resources does Mariposa Agency spend on data and analytics? Can you give an example or two of how data insights can affect a content marketing strategy as it unfolds?

There's no doubt that data is vital to understanding your customer, their buying journey and how they currently interact with your brand (and brands like yours). We invest a significant amount of resources in tracking and understanding the content marketing efforts we're working on. It's always helpful when we can work with a client who has extensive historical analytics, but that's not always possible.

With longterm data, we have better insight into past performance, referrers and buying habits and can make those strategic decisions that will drive the biggest change. Otherwise, while we can use market data to make assumptions, our best estimates are just that - estimates. Without analytics, we're all just guessing.

Marketing campaignSimilarly, can you talk a bit about how data can give clearer and more specific insights into customers and potential leads, which allows the marketer to create better buyer personas?

The very first thing we do here with a new client is work up the target ideal customer profiles for the client. These are marketing personas representing the most appealing customers to our clients. We are able to go pretty deep into these profiles, detailing everything from household income to the blogs they read and what these targets do for fun. We use surveys (or even actual one on one interviews) to build these out. Without that data, we'd be flying blind.

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