Expert Interview Series: William Green of Adexa on Supply Chain Management

William Green is Vice President of Customer Satisfaction and Solution Strategy at Adexa. He has 25 years of experience of working in supply chain management, having sold and implemented supply chain solutions for companies in a broad variety of verticals, including consumer package goods, pharma, chemical, high tech, semiconductor, textile, aerospace, and distribution providers.

We recently asked William for his insight on business planning and supply chain management. Here's what he shared:

Can you tell us about Adexa's mission? How do you serve your clients?

Adexa is a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions with Fortune 2000 clients in five continents. Adexa's solutions are the most comprehensive and intelligent planning solutions, from demand planning and inventory optimization to supply and network planning. In addition to S&OP solutions, Adexa provides S&OE (Sales and Operation Execution) capability in a unified data model so that plans are actually executed.

What are the most common business planning challenges or frustrations your clients come to you with?

Adexa's clients are some of the best supply chain companies in the world. Their wish is to perform real-time planning of their extended supply chain for better visibility, almost 100 percent delivery performance and at lowest cost of operations. Adexa can help them to achieve their objective through a fast and scalable solution that can model their complex environment in a unified data model.

What would you like to see more businesses doing with respect to their business planning? What advice do you find yourself repeating to clients over and over?

Our clients know their business more than any other outsider. Our approach is to increase the velocity of their unique business processes. This is the only way they can gain an advantage over their competition. There are some vendors of supply chain and ERP companies that tell their clients the best way to run their business is to have a best in class strategy. If that is what every client does then where is the competitive advantage? In contrast, we advise our clients to adapt the technology to their business process using our unique Attribute-Based Planning technology.

How has the way businesses manage supply chains evolved in the past decade?

The most important parameter has been the change of speed of operations. Customers do not want to wait, if you don't have it then someone else will offer it to them, thus losing market share. In addition, the mix of products have changed exponentially with short life cycles. These factors make managing of supply chains very difficult and intelligent systems are needed to help the management to make the right decision.

What should businesses be doing today in order to prepare for the future of supply chain management?

The trends are very clear, faster and faster speeds of delivery to the client with higher mix of SKUs. Companies that can deliver on-time at the lowest cost will be the winners. Given the global nature of supply chains and complexity of products and suppliers with the added factors of geopolitics, Acts of God, regulations and random events, companies have to be prepared for making decisions that are viable when and if circumstances change, demand variations occur and undesired events break their supply chain. Thus assessing risk and having the ability to address issues when and if they occur is a huge advantage.

What trends or innovations are you following right now with respect to strategic planning, financial planning or supply chain management? Why do they interest you?

We have been improving our systems using Artificial Intelligence algorithms so that system can not only learn from the users but also find patterns that are hidden and therefore inform the users to take advantage of such trends. We refer to this as "Self-Improving Supply Chains." in other words the system can constantly improve itself the more it is used and figure out the underlying trends that are going on and adapt to them on an on-going basis. This is a very exciting area and some of our customer are already benefiting from such innovations.

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