Emulating Success on Digital Advertising: Identifying What Works and Why

Why do some companies copy the digital strategies of other companies in completely different markets? Some do it because they hear or read it works. Some believe it's easier to copy another approach than come up with their own. Yet, others just don't know any better. They ignore their big data marketing altogether. Don't do that. Emulate your own success. Here's how.

1. Define Your Market

A digital strategy in a consumer market is aimed at consumers. A digital strategy in a business market works for businesses and a strategy aimed at business-to-government industries works for those individuals who work in governments. Don't confuse them. They are completely different audiences, markets and approaches. Big data marketing is there for a reason. It helps you make sense of your market as it is, and not as you want or simply imagine it to be.

Start by outlining in what type of market you operate. Are you selling services to consumers? Are you selling products and services to businesses? Are you trying to secure government contracts? Define what your market is and always ask yourself if a digital strategy makes sense for your business. Forget what others are doing and focus on your market.

2. Define Your Audience: Buyer Personas

Your number one priority is to understand how your business audience communicates online. Your audience is now commonly referred to as buyer personas. These are your decision makers. These are the people who decide to buy from your company.

Knowing your buyer personas means knowing who they are, what they like and dislike, what they want from vendors, what they consider excellent service and how they go about making buying decisions. Once you know who these personas are, then you can map out how they interact with each other online. That interaction is key to reaching them. Your answers don't come from emulating another company in another market.

Big data marketing Your online strategies increase your online reputation but only if you know how to emulate existing strategies and duplicate success.

3. Isolate Your Best Performing Digital Strategy

You probably have digital strategies that are working this very moment. They continue to generate leads and new business but you keep thinking there's something better out there. You may be right. There may be another approach to reaching your online audience. Big data marketing holds the key, but you'll never get there until you drill down and understand why your best performing digital strategies work the way they do.

What is it about these strategies that work? Do they reach your buyer personas better than other strategies, and if so, why? Isolate your best performing digital strategy and do a thorough review about what makes it work. You'll have a better idea of how to reach your audience and you'll be able to adopt other strategies that cater to how your buyer personas communicate online.

4. Build Upon Your Approach

By all means, keep up to date with emerging inbound marketing strategies. Keep abreast of new approaches. However, don't just jump in because of something you heard or read. Investigate it. Ask yourself if this will help you reach your audience, your buyer personas and your market. Your big data marketing will help you identify your best performing strategy, but only you can determine why it works and how to compliment it. Once you understand why it works, then you can start to build upon it with other similar strategies.

Listen to what your big data marketing is telling you. Don't just go with something based on an assumption. Understand what works for your market, your customers and your buyer personas. You can always build upon your strategies if you know which of your existing strategies produces the best returns.

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