Employee Spotlight: Spenser Filler

The January spotlight is on Spenser Filler, our Lead JavaScript Developer. Spenser has been at ReachForce for nearly three years and has demonstrated his ability to be a collaborative team player. He efficiently directs his fellow teammates while finding new ways to improve our products.

What’s a fun fact about yourself not a lot of people know?

I used to commute to and from work in a helicopter. I worked on a seismic exploration crew in Colorado and Utah for five months which involved hiking around a national forest and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land. The area where we worked was generally not easily accessible by road, which is why we chose helicopters as our mode of transportation. Though my life as a developer is seemingly the opposite of life in the wilderness, working seismic left a strong impression on me and I often think back on my experience. Seismic also allowed me to truly appreciate my free time (I didn’t have any) and being well rested (I rarely was).

How do you make your role as a Lead JavaScript Developer uniquely yours?

I like to increase my exposure to as many parts of the business as possible.  I am generally interested in systems and software fits well within that - the code you write is basically the exact rules on how your system will work. There are other systems that directly affect productivity as a developer, which are less clear and have caught my attention lately. The way a team interacts has a considerable impact on performance and that goes beyond how well they get along. Using something like Jira to help organize and prioritize issues, establishing guidelines for git to minimize conflicts, and general project management to effectively get features out the door. Working at a smaller company has allowed me to experience how the software I am working on is sold, supported, and marketed to - this is all while experiencing directly how it affects the customer.



On his success: "I am proud of where I currently am in my life. I generally don’t feel pride."





What do you like about working at ReachForce?

ReachForce has provided me room to grow professionally and as an individual. We have dedicated experts in various departments who have welcomed and supported my exploration into other parts of the business. We’ve pushed through difficult challenges and grown together as a company. Overall, I’m very appreciative of the people I work with and the opportunities that have been available to me during my time at ReachForce.

What's your favorite animal?

I think the world works the same from the bottom to the top - in other words, it all boils down to physics and tiny little particles. It's really hard to comprehend how that is possible, but ants help bridge the gap for me. Ants are seemingly so simple with a minimal ability to think about the world they live in, yet are extremely powerful as a colony. They have a genetic code that determines how they utilize pheromones and take care of their sisters (male ants only exist for reproduction). One ant on its own is useless, but a colony can take over 670 acres of land like the one on the Ishikari coast of Hokkaidō, Japan. Ultimately that’s how everything on our planet works including our own bodies - we are not a single creature but a collection of all kinds of organisms. It’s estimated that there are as many or more bacterial cells as human cells in our body and all of these cells are autonomous entities that live and thrive together just like ants, without any control from us. How crazy is that?

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