Employee Spotlight: Jennifer Faber

Jennifer Faber, who goes by her last name, is in the spotlight this month. She's our Technical Support Specialist who can help you with all your ReachForce needs. She can be spotted in the office atop two bean bag chairs, with oversized headphones, and a Dr. Pepper in hand.

What is an achievement you are proud of – personal or professional?

Outside of work I like to do indoor climbing, specifically I like to do bouldering which is a style of climbing. There’s nothing more pride-inducing than completing a difficult climb that has challenged or vexed you. Also, each climb has a difficulty rating, so hitting a higher rating you haven’t hit before is always a feel-good moment. One climb I remember particularly well is one that involved a dyno, which is a climbing move I hadn’t done before. Dyno is a term for a dynamic move where it usually involves some type of jumping and all your limbs are off the wall.

You start the climb on the side, step one, two, and then jump. You're supposed to grab the next hold with two hands, hold on, and then put your feet on the wall to balance. When I first get on the wall, I’m apprehensive about the jump and try, unsuccessfully, to climb it a different way. My next attempts involve me jumping and missing… a lot. After a few more attempts I’m able to at least touch the next hold, and then eventually I’m able to get one hand around it, but I swing and fall off every time. I joke with the other climbers that I’ve had to have tried that climb at least 100 times now, but I continue trying again and again. And again and again, I can’t quite hold it.

The thing about my gym is you normally have multiple climbers climbing the same wall and you take turns. All of us are struggling with this one wall and are cheering each other on. So when I leap off the second step and hit the next hold with both hands, managing to hold it, the excitement goes through the roof. People are cheering me on, I’m yelling because I finally got it, and have to be reminded that I have the rest of the climb to do. I struggled a little towards the top, but there was no way I was coming down empty-handed after that, and I managed to complete the climb. It was definitely one of my proudest moments. Whenever returning to the gym, I’d hit that jump again and again until they replaced it.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

It’s no mystery to my co-workers that I’m accident prone, they joke about putting me in bubble wrap. The other night, while running to the restroom, I end up kicking a vacuum I had left out with my toe. Naturally, it was incredibly painful. I kept telling myself that it only hurts because I just did it, it’s not that bad. I hobble my way to bed shortly after and go to sleep. The next morning, I get up, and after my first step on that foot, I instantly fall face first to the ground. I end up on the floor laughing at myself because the picture of it all was just too good.

What do you work toward in your free time?

I want to become more familiar with the programming and coding of our program. In my free time, I’ll often study up on coding to become more familiar. I also want to create documentation material for us and our clients to use to help solve issues and make things as easy as possible for everyone. Outside of work, I enjoy climbing as a hobby, and I’m constantly working towards improving my skill.


Faber, atop her bean bag chair working hard to help make our customers happy.
Faber, atop her bean bag chair working hard to help make our customers happy.


How do you make your role as a Technical Support Specialist uniquely yours?

When I first joined ReachForce, there wasn’t a Technical Support Team, and while we knew there needed to be one, we weren’t really sure where to go at first with it. I worked with other teams to see what they expected or wanted from ReachForce and worked with my manager to get a basic skeleton for support by setting up our ticketing system, adding documentation, and working with our Customer Success Manager (CSM) team and our Development team to deliver support to our clients.

It’s something that we’re still working on and is ever-growing, but it’s definitely something I’m proud to have been a part of. Outside of technical support team as a whole, I like to make myself available to my team as much as possible and to the companies using our product. I also like developing relationships with Marketing Software’s support teams, so we can work together whenever there is an issue with a mutual client.

What’s your biggest face palm moment?

A while back ago I had hurt my lower back pretty bad and upon the recommendation of a co-worker, I would take 4 ibuprofen to help reduce the pain. My mother, who was staying with me at the time, got me a bottle of ibuprofen while at the store. It wasn’t until work that I needed to open up the bottle to help with the pain, so I took four ibuprofen from the bottle.

It didn’t take too long before I began to feel a little strange. I grabbed the bottle and, much to my dismay, noticed it said PM in the upper right corner of its namesake. Even better, we had a customer call in an hour. My voice was already beginning to slur but the CSM running the call and I had a plan on how I could still make it. She’d help keep me awake and I’d message her my communication for her to relay to the customer. Simple, right?

Five minutes into the call and I’m spamming the CSM with messages wondering why she isn’t telling the client any of my suggestions. It takes me a full minute to realize I’m messaging the wrong person, so I quickly switch over to her and send her the message I’ve been trying to have her communicate, yet still, she doesn’t say anything. That’s when I realize I sent the message, once again, to someone else.

It’s at that point, I signal to the CSM that I’m going to say something. She, and my manager who was there at the time, look at me with worry as I take myself off mute. I take a deep breath and, somehow, miraculously, manage to get the words out without skipping a beat. The call continues on normally and at the end of the call I walk over to a couch in the office, lay down, and sleep. I wake up later with a blanket over me that one of my co-workers place on me while I was sleeping. Moral of the story? Always check the bottle.

What do you like about working at ReachForce?

ReachForce really is a family and a team. We work together and you can always count on someone to help you out if you’re a little lost. We’re also all excited and eager about the work we do at ReachForce and you always see this desire to grow. I’ve already learned so much from everyone around here and I can’t wait to learn more.

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