Employee Spotlight: Jason White

This month's spotlight is on Jason White, ReachForce's Regional Sales Director for the West Coast. Jason has been at ReachForce for almost 4 years and has demonstrated his ability to not only make deals on deals, but be a team player to his other sales folk as well.

What’s the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?  

In a past life, I traveled much of the world as a professional musician, including highlights of playing a show in Times Square, backed by a Brooklyn church choir, and two nights in a historic downtown club in Rome, Italy. I was also a cinematographer for a couple of short films, shot in the mountains of New Mexico. From this, I met an incredibly diverse amount of people and gained cultural insight I would never have received a different path in life. I think learning some form of art or music, is a great experience which can have a positive impact on everything you do in business and in life.

Reflecting on his past life of when he was in the band Breedlove.

Which two organizations outside of your own do you know the most people at and why?

 VMware and Marketo, which I believe are two best in class technology companies. I worked for VMware for 2 years and met some really smart and engaging people who loved the cloud and server virtualization space. Marketo is a strategic partner and customer of ReachForce and considered a leader in the marketing automation space. I have had many chances to make friends and partnerships in California, Denver, and Austin. Understanding how these two companies run their business helps give me fresh insight into how I can better run my Territory and business model.

What is an achievement you are proud of – personal or professional?  

Training for and finishing the Austin 3M Half Marathon a couple of years back. I set some personal record goals in terms of finish time and worked hard to beat it. This is something that certainly translates into sales, as both push you hard to map out a strategy to obtain a specific goal. Running has always been a passion of mine, even if it’s a short trail run through a new city or exploring my own neighborhood. Morning runs also give me time to self-reflect and clear my mind, which helps get me ready for the day.

How do you make your role as a Regional Sales Director uniquely yours?  

I believe that any sales role starts with being passionate about helping people solve business challenges, and being genuine throughout the process. I always work to better understand the marketing industry, including adjacent technologies, so that I bring value to the conversation, not just talk about the solution I am selling. Whether it’s working with my Channel Partners, leveraging my excellent Marketing Team to build out an effective outreach campaign, or pulling best practices from the Product Team, I think it’s important to utilize the resources around you.

What do you like about working at ReachForce?  

I like the people, the innovation, and the way we conduct our business. ReachForce has grown throughout the years and developed into an agile and progressive technology company. Everyone is viewed as a critical piece of the business and highly encouraged to be an entrepreneurial thinker and doer. I’ve certainly grown professionally and learned from some great minds here. Looking forward to our continued growth!

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