Web Form Innovation Shows Big Gains, Report Shows

Austin, TX (PRWEB) October 30, 2012  -- ReachForce announced that B2B lead data enrichment of web forms produced huge marketing and sales performance gains including a 20-day reduction in the time needed to build a complete prospect profile and a 40% increase in sales pipeline. The case study featured the gains achieved by a leading web analytics company using an Eloqua marketing automation system and a Siebel CRM.

“In B2B marketing, it’s not just getting a lead to fill out a form, it’s getting the segmentation and targeting datato be able to qualify for sales fit and trigger the types of precision automated marketing programs that lead to higher results,” said Mary Firme, Chief Lead Accelerator for ReachForce. “ReachForce SmartForms maximized lead flow with a shorter web form and appended a wealth of lead data to hit our client’s Eloqua marketing automation system. This data addition occurs as the form is submitted, triggering tailored lead nurture streams immediately."

In this case, it gave the company a 20-day advantage over competitors in triggering lead nurture programs through Eloqua and provided a substantial lift to their sales pipeline.

These gains were achieved after the implementation of the ReachForce SmartForms solution for B2B lead data appending. The case study company was able to reduce the previous 10 fields on their web form to just five fields for the web site visitor to complete. However, the reduction in fields actually resulted in a massive increase in actionable B2B data as SmartForms appended a huge amount of additional business firmographic data to the lead record.

SmartForms is designed to accelerate lead generation from any web form, on any web page. It works with any CRM and any marketing automation system – but neither s a requirement. SmartForms can even sit on top of an email system list form or any web to lead form. Implementation is straightforward and requires only basic technical knowledge. Additionally, ReachForce provides dedicated customer support to ensure implementation success.

The full case study will be released on November 7 at Booth 107 of the Eloqua Experience 2012 in Orlando, FL.

ReachForce delivers cloud-based software and B2B lead data services for marketers to accelerate lead conversions from their inbound, outbound, and database marketing initiatives. ReachForce helps accelerate B2B lead conversions for over 400 leading companies such as Dassault Systemes, Eloqua, GXS, Marketo, ReadyTalk, and TripAdvisor. Businesses use ReachForce to optimize their nurturing, scoring, targeting, segmentation and marketing automation initiatives, reach new markets and accelerate revenue. For more information on ReachForce and conversion acceleration best practices, visit our site or our blog.

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