Eloqua Experience 2102 - Keynote and Markies update

Last night's announcement of the Markies winners was a fast-paced glamourfest at the Eloqua Experience 2012 here in Orlando. Our table had a keen view of the proceedings, punctuated with some rockstar bling from Eloquan Shawn Cook who puts corporate pride front and center with his bejeweled Eloqua belt buckle. .

Some based on new Sirius Decisions Demand Waterfall

Key announcements including the launch of auto-correcting email templates that automatically switch to a small screen friendly template when viewed on a mobile device, integrated social sign-ins and some slick new dashboards based on the Sirius decisions waterfall and benchmarked against other Eloqua client results proved some pretty tasty treats for demand generators and marketing leaders ready to take things to the next level, and check their progress against their peers.

The conversion rate dashboard was a noteworthy addition because it tabled the discussion about "what is a conversion rate" and went straight to defining it for everyone.

Webtrend Major Gains with SmartForms

ReachForce is having a great show, revealing the results of our new case study, citing huge gains in speed to qualify lead, 2 weeks reduction in lead latency, and 40% pipeline growth at Webtrends post SmartForms implementation with their progressive profiling and Eloqua.









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