Dreamforce 2012 #DF12 - The Booth Giveaway You've Been Reading About (in Skymall)

You don't even have to be a germophobe to get excited about the sword-fighting potential here!

ReachForce is getting pumped for Dreamforce 2012 #DF12 where we'll be demo-ing our SmartForms and Data Cleanse & Append solutions for B2B marketers. And on the theme that cleaner data is better (and more profitable), we will be giving away the object we have been fighting over here at ReachForce HQ for weeks. After countless business trips thumbing through SkyMall, we FINALLY have a reason to justify purchasing the Nano-UV wand.

We've purchased one to give away every single day at DreamForce at ReachForce Booth 332!

This slick piece of non-cloud-based technology which does not integrate with SFDC in any way will protect you from bed bugs, dust mites, bird flu and the common cold. It will clean everything from the counter in the office kitchen which someone never seems to clean, to the gross sink at the airport and all the way to the Hotwire hotel room that is totally not 4 star and you are so glad this little piece of tech wonder is packed in your carry-on.

It won't cleanse and append your existing database and validate your email addresses like ReachForce Cleanse & Append, nor will it enrich all your inbound leads from content marketing, paid search and everything in between like ReachForce SmartForms - but when you come get your badge scanned and enter our daily giveaway to win the Nano-UV wand (one scan is good all week!), we'll tell you about these great products, all of which play well with SalesForce and leading marketing automation solutions like Silverpop, Marketo, Pardot, Eloqua, Hubspot, Act-On and more.

And of course, the Nano-UV Wand includes a rechargeable battery and child safety lock. Come see us at Dreamforce and feed your inner germophobe!


Dreamforce 2012 Data Quality Management data cleanse SmartForms #DF12

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