Don't Choose Between SEO & Content Marketing -- You Gotta Have Both

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been viewed as the chosen strategy for increasing the visibility of a website or a given landing page. Its premise is to rely upon organic search results where a website's popularity isn't driven by online advertisements or paid search, but by inbound links. The higher the website's visibility, the more visitors the website receives.

Keyword research, HTML coding, and optimizing images and videos, are all viewed as the lynchpins of SEO. So, does that mean your online lead generation strategies can't combine solid SEO strategies with a focused content marketing strategy? No, it doesn't.

Early search results were largely driven by websites with embedded keywords and keyword phrases. Webmasters focused on keyword research in the belief that it would manipulate search results. For a while it worked. A company's Search Engine Results Page (SERP) was typically driven by the adoption of these keywords. Unfortunately, keyword stuffing started getting tracked and this approach no longer produced desired results.

Over time, search engines adapted to the tactic and multiple algorithm changes have since made it all but impossible to influence results with those outdated SEO strategies. Securing one of the coveted top three results in online searches is more complex and the marriage between SEO and content marketing has never been more important. So, what's needed now?

Combining SEO and Content Marketing

Nowadays, online lead generation is driven by companies who combine solid SEO strategies with a comprehensive content marketing plan. Success involves a multi-pronged approach, one where a website's analytics are used to improve content and strengthen the company's social media presence. You need both to succeed. Here are some things to consider as you begin to marry these doctrines together.

• Analytical SEO Strategies: Your website's analytics are a fantastic resource for producing focused content. You know what keywords and keyword phrases were used by visitors, what topics interested them, how they moved about your website, what search terms they used on your website and where they arrived from. You also know how long they spent on a given page. All this information is available to you right now.

• Upgrading Content: That information can be used to increase online lead generation once you incorporate the real-time feedback into your existing content and any new content you generate. This involves producing content geared towards your specific buyer personas and using keyword research, along with your website's analytics, in order to capitalize on emerging trends. Don't treat your content as a one-time event. Adjust that content if need be, but do so when you have the data to back it up.

• Incorporating Social Media: Your content is meant to reach out to your audience and the best way to do that is by leveraging that content across all your social media channels. However, it's not just about pumping out content and pushing it across social media. Instead, it's about using the real-time feedback provided through social media to improve how your content is structured.

Online lead generation

Your success moving forward is to use strong SEO tactics at the outset of any content marketing strategy. Review your website's analytics and delve into what your visitors are telling you through their chosen social media channel. That information can be used to improve your online lead generation.

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