Ditch the Display Ads -- Beacons are Where Marketing's At for Lead Generation

This world is a noisy one. From the moment a potential customer begins surfing their device for the morning news and weather report, they're being bombarded with advertisements and lead generation marketing messages. These messages are overflowing their inboxes, inundating their search results, and blocking them as they try to read the latest news in their favorite mobile app. Hence, most of your advertisements are simply being tuned out. Readers thump that X to close out your ads before their eyes even focus on your logo.

When they search for something on Google, their eyes naturally scroll past all the sponsored results and skim to the first organic results. Even the savviest marketers can't manage to grip their attention as their eyes scan quickly over your email messages for lead generation -- deleting your hard work before they even open it.

Beacons Recapture the Attention of Your Customers

How can you regain their attention and once again be successful at marketing your wares? Beacons promise a solution. Beacons are small devices that can be placed in or near your physical stores, kiosks, or other points of sale. The beacons are programmed to deliver a message when customers are nearby.

For example, say you market a chain of office supply stores. One of your customers passes your downtown location on the way to lunch one day. Your beacon sends her a push notification informing her that all of your paper products are marked 10 percent off only for today. Don't you think she's more likely to swing by and make a purchase? Even if she doesn't need paper, your notification might serve to remind her she's low on paper clips or staples. That's how beacons work.

Beacons Are Less Likely to Be Tuned Out

The first reason beacons are so powerful for marketing and lead generation is that they're not as likely to be tuned out. They come at the right time and they aren't disrupting your customer as she tries to watch her favorite TV show or read her favorite online magazine. In other words, she isn't actively tuning you out.

Your customer has a motivation to see your messages and respond to them. You've even done her a valuable service, because it would be much more troublesome if she got back to the office 45 minutes later just to realize she had to come back downtown again for the office supplies she needed.

Beacons are More Likely to Build Confidence Among Your Customers

Lead generation Beacons are a means for delivering messages that feel more like a service to the customer than in-your-face advertising.

These messages have a "got your back" feel, unlike the messages advertisers tend to cram in her face every waking minute of every day. Beacons make marketing feel more like a valuable customer service. If you're using personalization techniques on your website, you can already visualize how this works. When a shopper visits your website prepared to order a new printer, most e-commerce vendors personalize the experience by offering the customer add-on products, such as the ink or cartridge that fits the printer. These kinds of marketing feel more like a valuable customer service than a pushy marketing effort.

Beacons serve customers in the same way -- giving them immediate access to the best deals on products they need at exactly the right time. To learn more about how ReachForce SmartForms can help you optimize lead generation and improve your impact on revenue, sign up for a free trial and get a demo today.

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