Marketing Big Data: Start this Year with a Plan

By now, we’ve all heard that at least 2% of our marketing leads database goes ‘bad’ every month. By year end, we’re dealing with a quarter of our targeted prospect list being stale. Which 25%? Who knows. (wouldn't it be nice to be able to say...who cares!)

Start this New Year on the right foot and get a plan in place for maintaining your house list throughout the year. You’ve got new program plans and a data update will help to align to your target market and tag your target personas as these programs are kicking off. A data refresh will also enable you to leverage your inbound marketing to drive your marketing automation and outbound strategies.

Lead/Prospect/Customer Data is a key foundation to all marketing campaigns and programs. We use this info for:

Warning shameless promotion ahead with some fancy industry stats for the wow factor.  Just ensuring you know we're here for you.

SmartData Grader

Not sure if you have data issues? Start here. After doing thousands of Data Health Assessments we’ve found that on average companies are missing as much as:

  •    70% of the industry data needed for segmentation, nurturing and targeting
  •    80% of the employee & revenue data needed for routing, targeting & segmentation
  •    60% of phone to help scale the selling process

SmartData Grader is a comprehensive data report that provides a window into the current state of your data, and illustrates the future state of your marketing database once you partner with ReachForce. The report identifies your gaps (white space), highlights duplicates and junk, and scores email addresses for deliverability.


  • “Only 21% of registrants from search provide accurate phone numbers on registration forms.” - Tech Target and Google
  • 43% of Best-in-Class companies append data at the point of conversion – Aberdeen

SmartForms™ is a real-time registration form data appending solution. Bridge the huge gap that exists for a B2B marketer between the need to shorten registration forms (for increased conversions) and the need to capture the rich demographic and firmographic information required to fuel lead routing, nurturing, scoring, targeting, and segmentation.

SmartForms is vendor agnostic and works with all Marketing Automation, CRM and other form technologies.

You spend so much online to drive prospects and customers to you site, why not maximize your information capture. This is a great opportunity to kick off progressive profiling. 30 day trial available

Continuous Data Quality Manager

  • “Companies that employ consistent data hygiene create 700% the number of inquiries and 400% the number of leads than those who do not.” – Eloqua Marketing Automation Benchmark Report
  • Data management is critical “…to create the 360-degree view of the customer required for an optimized customer experience.” – Bill O’Kane, Research Director, Gartner

Continuous Data Quality Manager addresses the big data marketing problem by:

  • bringing together your disparate data from multiple systems
  • continuously cleansing, merging, updating, enriching and appending that data, and
  • connecting the merged, clean data back into your systems to supercharge your marketing

What are you compromising by NOT having a marketing data plan? And what else would you add to the list above?  What are you pulling from your marketing data to up your game?  Please share.

Contact Us for more information or to scope out your road to big data marketing rock star status.

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