Digital Revolution Train Left You at the Station? Here's How to Get All Aboard with Lead Generation!

Chugga chugga chugga -- Has the digital revolution train left the station while you're still running for the platform, trying to catch up? Don't be left on the tracks like a jilted lover in a black and white film. Grab your ticket at the box and go full throttle with lead generation! Here's how.

1. Don't Leave It All on the Digital Train

As we blaze down the tracks of the digital revolution, it's easy to see nothing but the landscapes of digital technologies. Don't forget that all the marketing methods you successfully ran the rails with for decades are still there. In fact, they may be more potent than ever. Digital users are savvy folks. They're used to mentally turning a blind eye to what they don't want to see. They skim over your in-app ads, thoughtlessly click the X's to close your popup ads, and scroll past your mid-text advertisements like they aren't even there.

They're less accustomed to tuning out your traditional ads. If you're 100 percent focused on digital advertising, you're missing lots of lead generation opportunities. Don't scrap your budgets for traditional marketing, just yet. Keep some ads on billboards, TV, radio, print (yes, it still exists!), and other such historical outlets. Sponsor a sports team. Get your marketing team out to a (real life, not virtual) trade show. Be real.

2. Know Where Your Passengers Are

With the ability to keenly focus on the exact online hangouts your target audience most often utilizes, it's easy to pass right on by the less obvious. For example, if you're targeting the middle-age male with a moderate to high level of income, you're probably pouring a lot of your funds for lead generation into Forbes and the top news outlets. You're likely missing ad opportunities on YouTube, cable and satellite TV, and on-device or in-app advertising like their favorite weather apps, sports apps, and similar places. Similarly, you may be missing this demographic on social media. Many marketers are focused on Twitter for the middle-aged male, when this group is traveling more heavily to Facebook, Pinterest (yep, Pinterest!), and Instagram (followed by the more predictable LinkedIn and Twitter).

The point is, don't stop at a single station and hope that's where the action is. Go to the less likely stops. Why? Because there are fewer competitors there. Plus, since you aren't expected on this particular train, you're more likely to get noticed there.

3. Use Your Railways to Find New Markets

Lead generation Not sure where the best connection for your audience is? Take the track less traveled. They aren't expecting you, and you'll be a pleasant surprise.

While you're venturing to new stations in search of your target audience, don't forget to be continually on the lookout for new markets for your products and services. For example, say the social firehose data indicates that many of your followers also happen to follow a particular TV show or author or lifestyle page. Maybe lots of your software customers also follow accounts related to Paleo diets or ornamental gardening or bird watching. Bingo! You've found another demographic to hone in on for lead generation. After all, traveling the tracks is as much about what you see along the way as it is about your final destination. Wherever you go, there you are -- marketing the rails like a boss.

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