Demandbase vs ReachForce SmartForms - Eloqua Topliners Discussion


The Eloqua Topliners forum is one of the best resources on line for anything related to marketing automation best practice. Eloqua has done an amazing job of connecting demand generation and marketing automation folks in a vibrant, helpful space where marketers routinely dig in on tough challenges, ask for -- and receive -- help from their peers, and trade insights to inform their purchase decisions. If you haven't been there, we suggest you visit - it's terrific.

Recently on Topliners, marketers weighed in on lead scoring solutions in a discussion of the merits of ReachForce SmartForm vs Demandbase.

With ReachForce's SmartForms, our case studies have demonstrated conversion rate increases of as much as 40%, reduced cost-per-lead, better and faster lead scoring, segmentation and lead nurturing. Some clients are even anecdotally reporting they are beginning to see a reduction in the length of their sales cycle. Ease of use, match capabilities, and cost were all mentioned by users as selling points for SmartForms and the boon to B2B lead scoring and B2B lead nurturing.

Don't want to spoil the surprise - but, you can jump over to the Demandbase vs. ReachForce discussion to find out who was the universal favorite (aw, shucks).

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