Demandbase API vs ReachForce Form Appending Solutions

Demandbase or ReachForce? Price, Match Rates and Integration are Key Considerations

Landing page and web form optimization for B2B isn't just about conversions, it's about speeding up marketing nurture and generating more revenue.

When it comes to landing page elements, assuming the page layout, content elements and design have been tested and optimized, it really boils down to getting a prospect to fill out a form, hit submit, and get added to your nurture programs.

We are often asked the question: How are ReachForce SmartForms different from the Demandbase API for forms?

SmartForms appends a survey's worth of B2B data to leads at the moment of acquisition.

Landing Page Conversions Increase with ReachForce SmartForms

The solution is now deployed with more than 100 B2B clients using marketing automation platforms like Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot, Act-On and CMS systems including Wordpress, Drupal, Sitecore and many other web pages.

The success and value of ReachForce SmartForms has been validated in a a number of recent case studies and with client renewal rates above 90%, including a recent renewal from Marketo themselves, who use SmartForms throughout their lead generation process on pages like their Demand Generation Success Kit.

In recent weeks, we've welcomed a number of new customers switching over from the Demandbase API forms solution, the only area of business overlap between our two fine companies.

There are notable differences between the Demandbase and ReachForce solutions. The key ones are match rates, price and integrations. The following is based on our latest product release in May 2013, discussions with our customers and prospects and our good rival itself.

Demandbase vs ReachForce Match Rate

ReachForce is delivering an average 80% match rate for our customer domestically, and 50% plus internationally. One customer focused on Enterprise customer is seeing a 91% match rate domestically. This high, accurate match rate is achieved through the largest validated data set from any provider, over 200 million records with constantly evolving software matching technology refined to produce better and higher match rates over time.

SmartForms includes Geolocation by IP functionality, providing an additional attribute to isloate the correct company and location. Plus, SmartForms is the only solution that offers user confirmation as part of the match process. With SmartForms in place, data is appended and enriched at the moment of lead acquisition, eliminating lead latency in sales routing that can occur with back end data appends. Additionally, clients see a reported 26 - 34% increase in landing page conversions, depending on the number of forms fields and the questions that are being replaced or eliminated.

Demandbase vs ReachForce Price

The other key difference is price. As more and more our B2B demand generation activities focus on Inbound conversions, we are seeing a rising number of landing page lead conversions. For customer lead volumes of up to 5,000 leads per month, there is a significant price difference between SmartForms and Demandbase, with the price advantage to ReachForce.

SmartForms also work in sync with other integrated demand generation improvement solutions in the ReachForce Connected Marketing Data Cloud, and bundled pricing with data cleansing, integrated data appending, automated merge and deduplication and predictive analytics may also factor in as considerations and adjustment.

Demandbase API vs SmartForms integrations

For more about SmartForms, you can see a quick version of SmartForms in action, watch the on demand demo webinar or watch a customer review. You can also access integrations by solution overviews. Full documentation for customers are available from our Customer Success Team, including a best practice LinkedIn group.

SmartForms has an uncomplicated implementation that requires little technical knowledge, a small time commitment from kickoff to implementation and is often implemented solely within the demand generation group. The SmartForms integration with marketing automation forms works directly with self-contained marketing automation systems, thus lessening the need for buy-in and interface with other departments, and keeping control and configuration with the marketing group.

Our celebrated customer success team works with each client to successfully implement SmartForms, and this professional service is included as part of each SmartForms agreement. To schedule a SmartForms overview for your company, please contact ReachForce.


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