Database Marketing, Going Back to Basics for the New Year, Part 2

Continuing on from Friday, here are some ideas we’ve brainstormed for activating the less attractive contacts in your marketing lists.

Remember, part of our goal here is to clean out what we don’t need – people who aren’t going to buy from us,  companies we don’t want to sell to or incomplete records that need a little TLC to determine.

We're being careful to mark these different groups so we can make big moves at once.

Contacts mapped to personas in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
We consider these the B players. We’ve got the right buyers but maybe in companies or industries we don’t typically serve. It doesn’t hurt to keep these folks included in our nurture programs. Who knows there may be an unexpected bluebird just waiting in this list. So for this group, we are going to treat them like our first group.

Other names in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
We’ve all got these people we picked up at trade shows or random list buys or someone sales person added with no real detail on why. We don’t want to spend a lot of time here. Based on our target market and target persona research, these people are real long shots. Here’s some ideas we’re tossing around for this group:

  • Monthly newsletter – this gives them a lot of opportunities to engage and we aren’t spending time and resources over communicating. We will however treat this list differently. If after 3 months of no engagement, we’re going to call it quits and clear these contacts out of our database.
  • An opt-in request – we’re considering sending this group a 3 touch email series asking them to opt in for ongoing communications. We’ll offer up compelling content and invites to upcoming events, if we get no response, we’re done.
  • “We’re cleaning house” email series – we can let this group know we are doing some house cleaning and don’t want to continue to bother them if they aren’t interested. We can direct them to a landing page to try and collect more information like persona details. If after 2 attempts with really catchy subject lines and no engagement, we’re done.

Names/Suspects with incomplete data, not able to group in list above
What’s the point in keeping these if you can’t get in touch with them via email or phone? This one is easy for us. Clean up or clean out. We’ve got services to help with that. Don’t waste your time, database space or efforts sorting through these, send them over and we’ll get you a diagnostic, recommended cleaning and appending and a few other pieces of marketing insight you might like.

Lots to think about and lots to do. How are you tackling your marketing lists? Are you still operating in a world of quantity over quality? We’re not, we’re giving that up in 2015.

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