Database Marketing, Going Back to Basics for the New Year

We’ve identified our buyers, we know how to message to them and we have a lot of names/contacts in our marketing house list, organized by target market and target persona relevancy.

Now we have to figure out how to best tag this list so we can do some analysis on what we’re working with. Our end goal is to have a messaging/communications plan for each group. Everyone on our list is getting a message in the New Year. Period.  We are either going to engage them or get them our of the database.  We want quality.

Let’s use the lists we’ve been building as an example:

  • Contacts mapped to personas in businesses IN target market sweet spot
  • Other names in target businesses IN target market sweet spot
  • Contacts mapped to personas in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
  • Other names in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
  • Contacts with incomplete data, not able to group in list above

Before we get started we should mention that we are NOT going to pull anyone out of existing programs or nurture streams if they are active and engaged. We are going to look at the inactives and see how we can change our approach with these to try to engage them.

Here are a few program ideas for each of the lists above.

Contacts mapped to personas in businesses IN target market sweet spot

This is your most valuable list. Goal here is to get these people to engage so we can cookie them and start to follow their buying journey. Here’s what we’re considering:

  • New Year newsletter with various kinds of content – this gives the suspect more opportunities to click; leading with an infographic always seems to work best
  • New Promotion for a new offering – spark some interest with a new promo and an integrated program leveraging email marketing, social media (think #), video series, contest
  • Sharing big plans for the new year – this content must be relevant to our suspect’s business
  • Upcoming event or webinar? Everyone is back from the holidays and ready to start fresh, great time for event promotion

Other names in target businesses IN target market sweet spot

While these people don’t match the target buyer personas they could most definitely be an influencer in a buying decision. Here’s some ways we can find out more information.

  • A survey – we love surveys, instead of guessing we just ask – surveys should be short, sweet and very well thought out. We must consider how we are going to use the valuable information we gather from each question.
  • A newsletter or email series offering different kinds of content. Do they engage with business content or more technical, how to content. This will help us route these people into the appropriate nurture streams.

This is probably enough for a Friday. As you start to brainstorm how you are kicking off your New Year communications, share what’s worked for you and new things you are planning to try.

We’ll finish this list on Monday...stay tuned.

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