Data vs. Content in B2B Marketing

What comprises the perfect marketing campaign? I suppose you'd get different answers depending on who you ask. These days, there seems to be two opposing schools of thought: those that are data, metrics, and analytics focused, and those that are more traditionally creative focused. One does their job with numbers and spreadsheets, and the other with clever ideas and creative design. The fact of the matter is: they're doing the same job. Admittedly, being in the data services business, I even tend to focus more on the quantitative than the qualitative.

I stumbled upon a great article recently on B2B Marketing Online that makes a great case for the need for both data and content to build a successful marketing campaign. Here's what really hit home for me (from James Trezona, Managing Director of agency Mason Zimbler): many people believe the equation for a successful marketing campaign looks something like this....

Data + Content = Campaign Success

But it really looks something like this....

Data x Content = Campaign Success

The point being: if either are complete misses, or zeroes, then the whole campaign fails.

So what are you focusing on in your marketing campaigns? Are you marketing to the right people? Are you delivering impactful messages? If you're not doing both, then you probably have something to think about.

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