Data Hygiene: Real Results Pt. 5

Poor data quality can not only be a waste of your time, but a real block at the top of your funnel. Every email that isn't getting through represents a potential lost opportunity. With our latest customer, we were able to auto-append 4,707 emails. For most companies, that represents a handful of opportunities and potentially millions of dollars. ReachForce was also able to identify 23,839 emails that need correction. All told, nearly half of the customer's database was identified as having undeliverable emails.

Check out the results:

Customer Profile

$50MIL+ commodity trading & risk management company

Data Provided

56,088 leads


32.27% missing emails

19.20% invalid emails

5.06% duplicates

8.39% ReachForce added emails

Stop by our Dirty Data Calculator to see how your data compares and stop missing out on opportunities!

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