Data Enrichment & Lead Generation: How to Make the Connection

Think of data enrichment as one big data marketing funnel operating in real-time. You've got all kinds of customer data coming from multiple online sources at the top of the funnel. You then make sense of that data in the middle of your funnel, and at the end of your funnel emerges separate action plans for each of your buyer personas. With data enrichment, you're taking live customer data and using it to present different offers to different prospects at different stages.

Just like the sales funnel of the past, your big data marketing funnel needs constant replenishing with new data and new data sources. Companies that excel in data enrichment know how to use their customers' information to increase lead generation. They understand that their customers' data is speaking to them, guiding them and pointing them in the right direction.

Multiple data points and data sources are needed to be successful. However, choosing the right data sources for your business is critical. In fact, improving your access to customer data, while filling in any gaps in your data, will help you create more leads and increase your conversion rates. So, how does your company go about making the connection between data enrichment and lead generation?

The Ultimate Top-Level Data Source: Simple Lead Capture Forms

Unfortunately, finding out which customer data is useful, amid a maze of online and mobile data sources, is both costly and time-consuming. Ultimately, you need to be able to trust certain data sources over others. This is why your lead capture forms shouldn't be a source of frustration or confusion for you or your potential customers.

It shouldn't force customers to answer too many questions and you shouldn't have to spend too much time trying to make sense of what customers want. Your lead capture forms should be linked to specific landing pages, your CRM and any other internal platforms so that the information is easier to capture and easier for your team to use.

Data enrichment You don't need to be a mathematician to benefit from data enrichment.

Enriching Data to Better Understand Your Buyer Personas

Buyer personas allow you to compartmentalize data. Each buyer persona has different motivations. Some know exactly what they need, while others are unsure. Some take the time to educate themselves before inquiring and then buying, while others expect you to guide them. However, all of them have a different set of principles that outline how they make buying decisions.

Data enrichment works when you allocate data with the appropriate buyer persona in order to better define who buyers are, what they need and when they need it. Once you've done that you can tailor your offers specifically to who that buyer persona is and where they are in their purchase decision. Consider it a stage-gate process, one where you provide specific offers at a specific moment depending on what stage that particular customer is in.

Using Data to Improve Lead Generation

So how does all this help you improve lead generation? Well, when you know which data sources you can trust, and have a better idea of what that data is telling you, then you're able to use that information to generate more interesting and engaging offers.

Whether it's using high-value keywords to drive users to a given landing page, offering up specific content to a buyer persona to help them move to the next stage in the process, or modifying your email lead generation strategies and digital advertising campaigns, data enrichment works because it's helping you improve how you reach, engage and motivate customers.

Right now customers are telling you what they think of your product, your company and your service. This is the information you can use to guide new prospects to your business. Once those prospects place an order, they begin providing even better data, the kind of data you can use to keep them coming back.

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