Data Append & Real-Time SmartForms- interview with Demand Gen Report

Demand Gen Report interviews Mary Firme, ReachForce Director of Marketing & Chief Lead Accelerator at the Dreamforce show.

Mary explains how SmartForms enriches and appends additional data to any inbound lead form offering much deeper insight and greater value to each lead generated. The SmartForms solution draws from the largest set of company data of any data enrichment solution offering the highest possibility of a site level company match.

With marketing automation solutions making precision lead nurture possible, SmartForms adds the data to make leads marketable from the minute they enter the system.

SmartForms can be deployed on any web form on blogs, webinar registrations, paid search landing pages - or anywhere leads are collected and passed to marketing automation and CRM systems. Enriched data allows for true understanding of lead quality as marketers can see in real-time the business characteristics of each lead and immediately trigger lead scoring, routing, segmentation and nurture fine-tuned to the lead traits.

SmartForms is the inbound counterpart to ReachForce Data Cleanse & Append, a service that diagnoses data gaps in customer databases, then appends missing data and validates email addresses. The benefits of this more robust data include improved results for marketing programs and faster sales qualification.


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