Creating Action Items for Salespeople After Lead Generation

You have a great landing page and your marketing team excels at online lead generation. You have a simplified lead capture form that makes converting visitors a seamless process. You generate plenty of leads but aren't closing business. Why?

If you are in this situation, it does not automatically mean your salespeople are dropping the ball or aren't up to the task. Sometimes it's simply a matter of creating action items for salespeople after online lead generation.

Today's sales teams are blessed with real-time tools that allow them to instantly read and react. However, that's often the problem. Salespeople can become so inundated with tasks that identifying which tasks need to be completed first can be difficult. So, what are some of the action items you can outline for your sales team that will give them the best chance at winning business?

1. Reduce Initial Response Times

Get your salespeople into the habit of immediately calling customers on incoming requests. Online lead generation works when your salespeople can improve their response times. Even if your salespeople cannot provide definitive answers, it's still a good idea to contact the customer, confirm interest, clarify customer needs, and provide some idea when a quote will be sent.

2. Define a Proposal or Quote Date

Salespeople should clearly outline when the quote will be provided. A definitive proposal date helps to manage the customers' expectations and shows them that your team is responsive and proactive. Now is the time to clarify any outstanding issues that either the salesperson or customer may have.

3. Immediately Outline Follow-Ups

Immediately after providing a proposal, salespeople should already be working on defining a follow-up date. Confirm with the customer when a call can be made to answer any additional questions about the offer. Outline the conditions for winning business and confirm if the proposal addresses all the customer's concerns.

If it does not, then ensure the customer has opportunities to communicate that to the salesperson. Your marketing database software should allow you to input these follow-up dates, and you should be able to track how well your salespeople adhere to these dates.

Online lead generation Measuring response times is critical to closing sales.

4. Review and Assess

It is great if the order was won. However, if you lost the business, then performing an after-sale review and assessment is needed. Was the customer dissatisfied with the offer? Was he or she looking for something else? Did your online lead generation strategy fall short and produce an unqualified lead? Is there something your sales and marketing team could have done to better service the customer? Sometimes your customers will progress along the buyer's journey only to back out at the end. Understanding why that happens is critical to ensuring it does not happen again.

Creating action items for salespeople after lead generation is essential to closing business. Itemize those action items and create metrics and key performance indicators that track your sales team's completion of these tasks.

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