Content Might be King, But Quality Rules All

You’ve heard it before – almost certainly many, many times, in fact – “Content is King.” But between new products, tradeshows, promotions, nurture programs, and countless other campaigns, the sheer volume of needed new and relevant content can be overwhelming. Where to start?

Certainly, repurposing is critical. An interview or a webinar can be a blog post (or a series of posts). A blog post then translates into tweets and other social updates. All of it can be compiled into whitepapers or briefs. Decks can go to SlideShare. Data can be morphed into Infographics. Countless possibilities that go on and on, in other words.

But there’s a danger in this (sometimes maniacal) drive for new content that I’ve been thinking about recently. Namely, are we marketers working so hard to feed the beast that quality sometimes gives way to quantity? Of course, the answer is yes. Perhaps it's that question, or that answer, that makes me love this post from the Brains On Fire Blog (be sure to watch the video - totally worth it).

So, when you're creating new content, are you telling your story or pushing your slogan?

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