Commonly Asked Questions about SmartForms' Lead Enrichment Technology

We recently had a webinar and SmartForms demo on “Database-Driven Tips for Building a Powerful Demand Gen Engine.” On the webinar, we discussed key database-driven tips to increase the effectiveness of your demand gen engine. We also shared how automatically appending high-quality data to inbound leads with SmartForms improves the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

There were some questions received during the webinar that come up often when customers see SmartForms for the first time. Below is a summary of the Q&A from the webinar. Answers are from ReachForce’s product team, Scott MacFarland, Director of Product Management and Shawn Dyer, Director of Product and Data Strategies.

What does it take to implement SmartForms?

It’s fairly easy and straightforward.

Each customer has a Customer Success Manager that will schedule time to walk through implementation and help decide the best contact and account fields to validate and append to your inbound leads based on your marketing and sales process. From there, you will create those fields in your Marketing Automation and/or CRM platform. Those fields are then added to your forms as hidden fields. ReachForce will configure your instance in the cloud and provide a single line of code that you will add to your landing pages. ReachForce will help you test before launching.

Where is the data from and how frequently is the data updated?

Contact databases degrade on average 3-5% a month. ReachForce will validate and append account and contact level data from 1st and 3rd party data sources and other proprietary sources. Because data degrades at different rates, Shawn Dyer, our Data Strategist is familiar with various data points and developed a methodology that has identified which data points need to be updated when. Account level data such as Mergers & Acquisitions only need to be updated on a monthly or quarterly basis. Contact level data degrades much more quickly due to switching jobs and those data points are updated weekly.

What tools or platforms do SmartForms work with?

If it’s a form that submits, SmartForms will work with it. The cloud configuration is one line of code in the HTML of your landing page. With this configuration, the technology only interacts with the form and sends matched data values to the appropriate hidden fields using the cloud. So customers using forms from a marketing automation platform, CMS or other landing page tool such as Unbounce can use SmartForms.

We have some customized form workflows that are unique such as a multiple step form. How would we implement this?

In addition to our cloud configuration, we have an SDK where you can develop a custom integration within your workflow.

What other questions do you have about SmartForms? Add them to them comments and we will update this post.

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