Cloud Vs. On-Premises: Which Is Ideal for Managing Data?

So you've decided your business needs to adopt a big data strategy. It's an exciting journey to embark upon and one that will pay itself off indefinitely. Nonetheless, it can be challenging and intimidating to beginners, and there are so many decisions you need to make jumping in. Perhaps the most critical question you need to ask yourself is whether it's ideal to manage big data on-premises or in the cloud. Both offer advantages, and in the end, it will depend largely on your time and resources as a company, as well as what you hope to gain from data management.

Managing Big Data in the Cloud

Managing big data in the cloud offers a lot of advantages, both in terms of cost and efficiency. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, the cloud offers the most accessible platform for leveraging big data, as it offers a low cost of ownership and easy maintenance. Here are some of the top cloud benefits to consider.

1. It doesn't require on-premises maintenance. If you're looking to save time and money on IT labor, then the cloud may be your best option. Since all data is managed offsite, on an Internet-based platform, it requires no onsite IT department to manage and maintain it.
2. It requires a much lower initial investment. Along with on-premises data management comes the need for expensive hardware and software that needs to be continually scaled to meet your data storage needs. The cloud, on the other hand, provides a highly scalable platform that allows you to grow your data storage indefinitely at a low monthly cost.
3. It's far more accessible. Many businesses have now implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy at their companies. When managing such policies on-premises, it raises two primary concerns. Firstly, there are security threats. With each employee storing sensitive data on their desktops, there is the risk of hacking and data loss. Additionally, employers then need to independently install software on each individual device, while updating that software as needed. The cloud solves both of these problems, allowing employees to gain access to sensitive data via the cloud, so it's never stored on their desktop, while all software is accessed via the cloud as well.

Database management platform Managing Big Data On-Premises

For a long time, managing big data on-premises was the only method, and as a result, many businesses continue to utilize this method out of sheer convenience and familiarity. While small businesses may not have the option of managing data on-premises, for large enterprises it can sometimes be an accessible solution, as they possess the staff and resources to maintain the databases regularly.

However, for global businesses, perhaps the greatest issue faced is accessibility and data integration. When businesses manage multiple locations across the globe, it helps to have a centralized data management system that enables all branches to collaborate, which unfortunately can't be provided on-premises.

Managing Big Data with a Database Management Platform

More and more businesses are moving their data to the cloud. It provides a platform that enables global enterprises to collaborate more easily, encourages data integration, and provides a cost-effective and highly scalable data management solution. With a cloud-based database management platform, like marketing automation software, businesses can not only enjoy centralized storage of data, but they can also access an array of tools that will aid in data tracking and analysis.

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