Can Your Social Media Footprint Drive Predictable Inbound Traffic?

Knee-jerk answer: yes. Perhaps only because I want to feel my work isn't all for naught. One of my key initiatives for Q1 was to amp up our social media footprint. We generated more content and were more vocal through our key social media like the B2B Lead blog and Twitter.

Q1 2011 vs. Q4 2010

Blog Traffic                                                 Traffic

blog trafficwebsite traffic

Certainly the results I was hoping for, but here's the follow-up question to that knee-jerk answer: how would you even know it's your social media footprint that's driving that revenue? Well, this quarter I'm stepping it up. I'm evaluating and will be implementing a social media management tool to continue to expand our footprint. With that, we'll be able to run more deliberate social media initiatives and, best of all, close the loop on tracking those initiatives. Don't think I'll be afraid to share our results, either. Hopefully I'll have some concrete data to build a case around continued effort on the social media front.

Stay tuned...

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