Blogging with SEO Purpose – Creating Content that Attracts the Right Buyers

Catching up on my Google Reader and ran across this great post from Lee Odden – Where to Use Keywords in Corporate Blogs.

Quite timely as I was looking for an old B2B Lead post on this very topic.  We’re writing more blog posts these days but does anyone know?  More importantly, does our target audience of B2B Marketers know we’re sharing tips and updates that can help them be better B2B Markters?

Lee’s tips were VERY helpful and here’s a few more tips from an old B2B Lead post, Keep Your Blog on Track to Support SEO and Other Business Objectives, I found worth sharing again.

  1. Blog topics must be relevant to your target audience and—even better— to your company and product or service offerings.
  2. Topics should be educational, controversial, timely or related to a news event. Bonus points for link-bait articles like posting a list of valuable resources, expert interviews, how-to’s, special reports, etc.
  3. Posts should contain links back to prior blog stories, an important corporate web page, press release or a white paper with more information. The exact keywords that are linked to those pages should correspond with the SEO terms for which those pages are optimized.
  4. Post must be tagged with right keywords for SEO and content so that it can be categorized and found.

Creating compelling content (on a regular basis) is important but if your target audience doesn’t know it’s out there, what's the point?

Are you blogging with purpose?  If so, how has your blog changed your organic ranking and traffic flow?

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