Big Data Marketing: Mapping Your Marketing Database to Your REAL Customers


Buyer Personas Identified: check
Message Personas Created: check

Now it’s time to roll up your sleeves and dig in to the existing house list and see what you have, where you have gaps and create a plan to connect the dots.

Best place for us to start - identifying where (target market sweet spot) we won in 2014 and WHO is buying from us. This information will identify where to focus our marketing efforts in 2015 and help create a plan to clean up our house list. No better time than year-end to organize and clean out! Here’s a few questions to ask yourself as you are building your new year plans.

  • Who bought from you in 2014?
  • What is your target market sweet spot – revenue, industries, # employees
  • Who was involved in buying decision?
  • Do these personas map to the Message Persona refresh you just did?
  • What are the most common titles involved in the decision to buy?
  • What was each personas role in the decision to buy?

Once we have analyzed customer data we can map that data to our house list to see what we’re working with. Using the information above we should be able to build the following lists:

  • Suspects (Names, Leads, Prospects, etc) mapped to personas in businesses IN target market sweet spot
  • Other names in target businesses IN target market sweet spot
  • Suspects (Names, Leads, Prospects, etc) mapped to personas in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
  • Other names in businesses NOT in target market sweet spot
  • Names/Suspects with incomplete data, not able to group in list above

This work is tedious but it will enable us to create targeted, predictive marketing in the new year. If you’d like some help, let us know. Here’s more info on our Perceptive Marketing

While you’re working on this analysis, check back in next week as we look at different messaging frameworks. Getting the right message to the right buyers at the right time is guaranteed to accelerate both marketing and sales cycles. Then we’ll be back to help with a plan for the lists above.

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