Big Data Marketing Has Destroyed the Myth of the Lazy Salesman

It was an all-too-common sight for a salesperson to become complacent after initially working hard to build up their territory. They'd leave the office and call in their visits by phone. The rest of the day was theirs. However, while lazy salespeople did exist at one time, they don't now. Big data marketing has destroyed the myth of the lazy salesman.

Today's lead generation strategies require big data marketing and a large volume of that data comes from having feet on the ground. Salespeople in today's business markets must be able to do more than close the deal. They must be a continuous source of data and know how to get that data into the hands of the people that matter. Here's why today's salespeople are anything but lazy.

Competitive Intel: Salespeople must be able to gather competitive market intelligence directly from customer visits. Speed of response is critical. Gather the information and immediately relay it back to the office so that the marketing team can take that data and use it within their lead generation strategies.

Your market is always changing. Understanding what's really going on doesn't come from only focusing on your inbound marketing results. It ultimately comes from speaking to customers. It comes from asking leading questions and that only comes from salespeople who constantly visit customers.

Speed of Response: Today's salespeople must be faster than ever before. Mobile handheld computers and smartphones ensure that salespeople are constantly available, always mobile, and always able to access the data they need to make immediate decisions, the kind of decisions that lead to closing sales and keeping customers. It's a two-way street: Gather the data your company needs and use it to win business.

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A Pulse on The Market: It's not just about what your competitors are doing or what their pricing strategies are. It's about having a pulse on the market. It's about getting market intel before your competitors do. It's about understanding the new long-term contract your customer was just rewarded and what that means for your business one year, three years and five years from now.

Better Definition of Buyer Personas: The closer you are to customers, the more you know what makes them tick. Your buyer personas must be monitored. Their concerns, interests, and reasons for buying are constantly changing.

That information isn't always available online. In fact, in a number of instances, it can only be uncovered with a face-to-face visit. The salesperson must then convey these newly discovered data points back to the marketing team so they can incorporate that knowledge and data into their lead generation strategies.

Stronger Forecasting and Budgeting: By now most sales teams have done away with excel spreadsheets and manual paper processes for sales forecasting. Most teams have the benefit of working with a marketing database software, one that allows salespeople to make sense of all those customer data points. Today's salespeople must become well-versed in using that software, putting a forecast together and knowing which customers to turn to if they're short on meeting objectives. Keeping many balls in the air is exactly what today's salespeople are known for.

Think of all the reasons why your lead generation strategies work. Big data marketing makes it work but the data doesn't just come from online sources. It comes from having salespeople who are proactive, resourceful and willing to gather and use data to win business. The lazy salesperson is no more.

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