Big Data Marketing: 5 Ways You Can Overcome Content Shock

Yes, there is a lot of content out there, and yes, an argument can easily be made that content shock is a valid concern for big data marketing teams. After all, with companies pumping out thousands of articles daily, how can anyone be sure their content is reaching the right people?

Most enterprises rationalize that there is too much content to be able to generate any headway. Unfortunately, these are the enterprises that get stuck on the outdated belief that updating content means nothing more than a website redesign or a periodic blog post. Some get stuck on the antiquated belief that content only involves the written word. However, content marketing is much more.

You can defeat content shock. You can reach your audience and you can turn your content into a consistent lead generator. It involves doing away with the antiquated views of what made content work in the past. To help, here are five ways you can overcome content shock.

1) Focus on Buyer Personas

Generalized content never works. Yours must be specific; focus on your buyer personas. These are your market's decision makers. Understanding what motivates them is critical. Start by outlining who these individuals are. Next, define what makes them tick.

  • How and when do these decision makers ask for information?
  • Are some of them more educated about what they need or do they typically need you to guide them?
  • What are their criteria for buying and what makes them loyal?
  • What are their biggest concerns and how can your content alleviate those concerns for them?

Answer these questions and your content will improve. Use the most common keywords and market buzzwords used by your buyer personas to tie them into your product and service offering. Measure your results and adjust if needed.

2) Use Analytics from your Website and Landing Pages

Your website and separate landing pages provide real-time information you can use to improve the quality of your content. You know where visitors come from, what they look at, what they're looking for, and how long they spend on a given page. You're able to determine what offers work and what don't. You can quickly pinpoint which content your audience finds most interesting, and which call-to-action works best. The answers you seek are at your fingertips. The idea is to duplicate your success without relying upon the same outdated topics.

Big data marketing Original content with original solutions is always appreciated.

3) Focus on Your Local Market

Local search engine marketing is a great way to ensure that your content is never dull. Your local customers use specific keywords to locate businesses and services in their area. Your content can become even more focused when you become more aware of local SEO strategies. Understand what your local customers are searching for and incorporate those keywords and keyword-phrases into your content.

4) Expand Your Content Offering

It's common for big data marketing teams to get stuck on ideas and rely upon nothing more than the written word. Don't allow this to happen. Expand your content offering. Webcasts, podcasts, and video podcasts are fantastic lead generators. Use engaging videos with bright and vivid images.

A business audience wants to see evidence. They want to see the statistics that back up your claim. They appreciate business white papers, case studies, and infographics and they'll flock to your content if you build up enough anticipation. Finally, don't be afraid to ask your customers directly what concerns them most. Combining customer-facing information within your content is a great way to tap into what customers are most concerned about.

5) Avoid Repurposed Content

One of the biggest mistakes is to stick to a given topic and produce the same tired content. The days of keyword stuffing and producing multiple content pieces with the same narrative are long gone. It no longer works. Avoid repurposed content altogether.

Keep your content up-to-date with all the news, emerging trends and latest advancements in your industry. Track your market's buzz on social media. Use customer feedback and identify emerging concerns to produce content that provides relevant solutions.

Don't give into this idea that content shock is taking over. It simply means your content has to be more specific to your market, more in line with what your buyer personas are looking for and varied enough to reach everyone in your market.

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