Beyond Lead Generation: Content is the Key to Keeping Your Customers

Marketing is often hyper-focused on earning new customers, missing a huge earning potential within their current customer base. First of all, research shows that it is as much as five times less expensive to retain current customers than it is to earn new ones, according to Lee Resource Inc. Additionally, customer retention programs can extend the lifecycle of your current customers and increase the amount of lifespan spending per customer. One of the most powerful tools for keeping customers and convincing them to spend more with your company is content. Here's how content is your key to keeping happy customers.

How Content Fosters Good Customer Relations

According to a NewsCred report, good content builds customer trust. In fact, customers relate quality content with quality products. Most customers believe that low quality content comes from companies that offer low quality products, while high quality content comes from companies that offer high quality products.

Content helps in other ways, too. For one, constant streams of fresh, high-quality content keeps you on your customers' minds. It also helps reinforce their ideas that your brand is an expert in your industry. It can also help broaden how customers see your business. For example, say your company is in the field of home cleaning chemicals. By delivering content related to all of your household chemical products (how to clean kitchen counters, how to get stains off bathtubs, how to get oil out of clothing, etc.), you can cross-sell multiple products to the same customers, increasing the value of each of your hard-earned customers. In addition, content helps keep customers excited about their purchase after the sale and reduces returns due to buyer's remorse.

What Kinds of Content Foster Good Customer Relations

Lead generation The best types of content for existing customers is content that instructs and guides them, such as video tutorials, webinars, and how-to manuals.

What kinds of content are customers looking for from the companies they do business with? Customers want content that gives them useful, practical information. Video tutorials, user guides, and handbooks do especially well in this arena. Customers also like to feel like being one of your customers makes them a part of something special or exclusive, and customer forums work extremely well for keeping these customers engaged. Regular emails work well, as do any types of content that answer specific customer questions and give deeper insight on your field of expertise.

Data is a great way to gain insights about your customers and fuel your content marketing, giving  you a better understanding of your customers and helping you design content based on your customers' needs.

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