Best Practices for High Converting Landing Page

You have this fantastic product. You've dedicated large portions of your digital marketing budget to numerous digital advertising strategies in the hopes of driving targeted traffic to your landing pages. Your call-to-action is excellent and your offer is sound. You've leveraged social media properly and have a solid content marketing strategy. Yet, despite all this work, high converting landing pages seem out of reach for your company, but why?

It's not easy trying to increase your conversion rates. After all, it doesn't matter how much traffic you generate through organic and paid search results: If customers aren't converting, then there's something wrong with your landing page. To help you narrow down what's happening, here are six best practices for high converting landing pages.

1. Eliminate the Clutter: Free up the space on your page. Don't overwhelm your audience with multiple images, changing fonts, different colors, confusing links and duplicate calls-to-action. Your customer must come to a well-presented landing page. Their immediate reaction can't include recoiling at the amount of clutter on your landing page.

2. Welcome White Space: Simplify how you lay your page out. Minimize color patterns. Maximize as much white space as possible. It brings clarity to your message, makes your page clean and directs the user's attention to the information that matters most. In this case you're guiding your customer to the offer and directing their attention to what matters most.

3. Immediately State Your Intentions: Make it bold and make it clear. Identify what you're offering and get to the point. However, don't oversell yourself. Don't overwhelm your prospect with outrageous and unsubstantiated claims. Back up your argument with real marketing data and verifiable facts. It's a balance between overselling yourself and coming across with confidence.

High converting landing pages
High converting landing pages are one part analytics and another part common sense.

4. Eliminate Pop Ups and Distractions: Keep your landing page clean. Eliminate the pop-ups and unnecessary advertisements and banners. If you're using chat boxes, then have them appear once the user has spent a certain time on page or passed a certain portion of your page. Don't just have them pop up immediately. High converting landing pages don't come from multiple pop-ups. They come from clean pages with clear value propositions.

5. Use Simplified Lead Capture Forms: Keeping things simple means not asking your customers to do too much to get converted. Make it easy for them. Kick the elongated questionnaire to the curb. Just ask the customer to provide their essential information. When done properly, a simplified lead capture form can be the difference between a prospect being converted or someone second guessing themselves and leaving your page.

6. Use a Convincing Call-to-Action (CTA): Yes, it sounds much easier said than done. However, if your content and landing page is well presented, then your call-to-action should be the icing on the cake. Put yourself in your customer's shoes. Are you convinced by your argument and if not, why? Your CTA will only work if you're willing to test different variations so don't be afraid to tinker and play around with it.

It's understandable that you want to provide all the information you can. This is especially the case when you're selling an industrial finished good to a business audience. However, even in those circumstances, it's best to stick to the key bullet points and present your user with a clean landing page.

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