Bad to the Bone: How Bad Data Leads to Bad Lead Generation and Marketing

You heard that data was the thing you needed to improve your marketing efforts, so you signed up. You got all your data together, analyzed it, and began making decisions based on that analysis. Then .... Boom! Your marketing went from bad to worse. What happened? Did they lie? No, the problem here is most likely due to bad data. Bad data has a tendency to ruin everything it touches. Here's how bad data affects you and what to do about it.

Bad Data Leads You Astray During Lead Generation

What content is most suitable for your target audience? Where do you generate leads that are most likely to convert? What techniques are most likely to spark a lead to convert? If your data is dirty, you're going to answer all of these questions wrong. Bad data skews your customer profiles and causes you to make the wrong assumptions on who your customers are, what they like, and where they came from. It hurts your chances of success from the lead generation stage, and hinders your customer relationships, even with your most loyal and long-term customers. Clean data means eliminating all of the duplicates, making sure that things like job titles are correct, and getting rid of obviously fake data, like CEO Mickey Mouse and the finance director of the Imperial Death Star.

Bad Data Hurts Your Marketing Effectiveness

Did you know that between 30% to 40% of your contacts will change jobs this year? Sixty-six percent will change their job titles, 43% will get new phone numbers, 34% will change their names, and 37% will get new email addresses. Therefore, if your data is a year old, it's next to worthless. Even data that's a few months old is outdated. This makes it imperative to conduct regular communications to your contacts and encourage them to communicate with you, even if it's just to get some free content so you know they're still around. Keep email marketing software updated frequently and integrate it with your other marketing software and CRM so that others can update the info during their touchpoints with your contacts.

Bad Data Makes You Look Bad to Your Customers

Lead generation When you have good data, you know that your customer's name is Kristie, not Christy, and you understand that she's now the CFO, not just one of the humdrum finance personnel. Kristie appreciates this, too.

If you've been promoted to marketing director or CMO, do you want to get emails addressed to "marketing associate"? Probably not. Likewise, your customers don't want to get emails from companies that fail to recognize their promotions or new positions. Keep your contact lists and other data up to date so that you don't alienate them with the wrong messages.

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