Bad Things Happen When You Put Dirty Data in a Fresh New System

When it comes to the problem of dirty data, deploying a marketing automation or CRM system without a solid strategy for both cleansing and maintaining your marketing contact data will most certainly have damaging side effects.  You’re probably thinking, “Sure, I’ll deal with that once I’ve got my new system set up.”  BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU IF YOU DO THIS.

Marketing automation systems enable Marketers to conduct more powerful, high impact campaigns by leveraging automation, personalization and multi-modal marketing techniques. They also provide a rich set of metrics that show the results you are generating with your marketing programs.  Feeding a dirty in-house database into a marketing automation or CRM system will have a multiplier effect on your dirty data problems.

Fueling your marketing automation system or CRM with dirty data puts you at risk of having the following BAD things happen to you.

  • You deliver the wrong message to the wrong person
  • You irritate prospects with redundant messages
  • You annoy or offend customers with inappropriate messages
  • You lose credibility due to botched attempts at personalized communications
  • You fail to leverage multi-modal marketing capabilities
  • You misinterpret campaign success metrics

dirty data figure 1

Don’t be scared, just know that ultimately, bad data will restrict your ability to demonstrate the value of your marketing automation investment because you will be unable to accurately demonstrate increased return from marketing programs. Metrics that prove increased efficiencies, greater marketing program success rates, lower costs per lead and other key performance indicators will all be negatively skewed.

Don’t let these bad things happen to you, just have a plan to clean and enrich our marketing contact database on a regular basis.

Wondering what dirty data looks like and specific effects it has on your marketing automation programs?  Here’s a list.

Wondering how dirty your data is?  Here’s a calculator.

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