B2B Sales and Marketing Tip #8 - B2B Marketing Copy - Write it Right Part II

Here on The B2B Lead Blog, we are obsessed with great B2B Marketing copy. Here are a few new tips for crafting high impact copy:

  • Get to the point quickly. Start with pain points, goals, or the most important reason that the reader should care. Put yourself in the buyers' shoes. Why would you spend money or spend valuable time to read the document? To get to the real pain, ask “why” three times.
  • Remember your audience - what do they care about? Lead with the most important value proposition, what’s most likely to sell first.
  • Provide a full explanation of the concept, but remember: less is more. Do not use too many words to say something. Do not say the same thing several different ways before getting to the point.
  • The reader should be able to scan the headline and subheads throughout the piece and get the basic story. Each subhead should tell a significant piece of the story. Make ample use of bulleted lists for readability.
  • Effectively use call out boxes or highlighted quotes.
  • Ensure there is clear linkage from one concept to the next, and one paragraph to the next.
  • Use short punchy sentences and bulleted lists that are easy to read quickly.
  • Repeat brand names and key messages to reinforce branding.
  • Don’t use buzzwords or hype.
  • Tie the theme of the headline to the copy. Weave the headline into the copy to reinforce.
  • Use action words. Speak to customer needs with benefit-oriented statements. Avoid overly cute or cliché language.
  • Always include a compelling call to action and a fast, easy way to contact you.

Share your ideas about what makes great B2B Marketing copy with readers of The B2B Lead Blog.

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