B2B Sales and Marketing Tip #7 - Know Thy Customer aka The Principles of Deliberate Marketing

Today’s The B2B Lead blog tip is “know thy customer.” Sounds painfully obvious, right? Certainly you should understand your customer’s role in the organization, their needs and pain points, their preferred communication style, how they buy, and then target your messages and delivery mechanisms to meet those needs.

Yet, today, 50% of B2B Marketers rely on Sales to drive the customer interaction. Could this be why B2B Marketers continue to rely on the old spray and pray approach to lead generation?

If you’d like to improve your Marketing Campaign metrics, try taking a Deliberate Marketing approach: build and leverage in-depth customer insight to convert leads into qualified buyers and drive greater revenue. This is the single most effective way to optimize your Funnelnomics. Here are six deliberate marketing tactics to consider. You can read about these in detail in Funnelnomics - Accelerate Your Marketing & Sales Funnel.

  • Are you creating attention or buyer intention?
  • Are you targeting prospect based on their title or their role in the decision making unit?
  • Are you creating leads or sales ready qualified buyers?
  • Are you executing typical spray and pray initiatives or predictable marketing programs?
  • Are you capturing leads or nurturing buyers through the sales pipeline?
  • Are you measuring responses or ROI?

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