B2B Sales and Marketing Tip #6 – Get Your Free eBook on Improving Funnelnomics with Deliberate Marketing

This tip for The B2B Lead blog focuses on getting your Marketing and Sales pipeline in order with a couple of powerful concepts called Funnelnomics and Deliberate Marketing. You can download a free copy of the ebook titled Funnelnomics - Accelerate Your Marketing & Sales Funnel to Drive Growth & Profitability (http://reachforce.wpengine.com/funnelnomics/) and get a step-by-step guide for improving the velocity of your funnel by using Deliberate Marketing techniques.

What exactly is Funnelnomics? It’s essentially the revenue generated by Marketing and Sales activities divided by the Marketing and Sales expenditures required to generate and develop leads into customers. It’s a strange word but a very powerful concept for B2B Marketers, because using this model will enable you to squeeze the most value out of the leads in your funnel thereby boosting Marketing ROI. It is about moving all leads through the funnel from awareness to purchase in the fastest, most cost-effective way possible. By understanding and carefully managing your Funnelnomics, you can:

  • speed the process of turning leads into customers
  • execute more high ROI programs
  • eliminate lost revenue due to leaks in the funnel
  • extract the maximum value from each contact in the funnel

In our next The B2B Lead blog Sales and Marketing tip, we’ll cover the principles of Deliberate Marketing. But if you’d like to get a jump on those ideas, download your ebook now (http://reachforce.wpengine.com/funnelnomics/)

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