B2B Sales and Marketing Tip # 13 - Tune in to MarketingSherpa ASAP

The experts at MarketingSherpa recently presented the findings of their annual survey of B2B Technology Marketers and B2B Technology Buyers. The B2B Lead Blog shares a few of the findings here for those of you didn’t have time to attend.

  1. Survey Result: Enterprise Buying Committees are Getting Bigger – there are more and more people involved in the buying process and as your target company gets larger, so does the size of the buying committee.
    Lesson: Set your white paper PDFs free, if the lead comes back, it is really a lead. Let your PDFs go viral by removing the barriers to your content. That way it is more likely that your materials will be forwarded to all of the members of a buying committee. But, make sure you’ve included a call to action at the end of the white paper.
  2. Survey Result: B2B Decision-makers attend more webinars than Contributors aka End-users.
    Lesson: Managers, Directors and VPs are more likely to attend your webinars, than end-users who tend to prefer white papers. Target your offers accordingly.
  3. Survey Result: 80% of your prospects think they found you.
    Lesson: Make yourself more visible. Make sure you are there when B2B buyers are shopping. Capture or append their contact information when you can and then launch a systematic multi-modal Marketing Communications campaign.

For the complete B2B Marketing survey results, purchase the full report at http://www.sherpastore.com/b2bbenchmark08.html and stay tuned to The B2B Lead Blog for more insights.

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