B2B Sales and Marketing Tip #11– Transform Your Marketing from Lead Generation to Demand Generation

ReachForce customer, Linda Roach of PlanView, writes to The B2B Lead Blog with a few tips for transforming your B2B Marketing Organization from “the group that generates the leads” to a performance-driven demand generation organization.

  1. Organize your staff around integrated Marketing programs. Each member should have responsibilities for managing integrated Marketing Programs. That means each team member works together to stretch beyond their tactical focus to orchestrate multi-touch, multi-media programs designed to deliver messages to the customer in the right way at the right time.
  2. Shelve low-yield marketing techniques. As you reorganize your team around integrated marketing programs, all of a sudden your Marketing Program managers are no longer willing to accept 2 to 3 percent response rates. The more you target your audience, the better your response rates will be and the greater yield you can expect from Marketing programs. Funnel the budget that you’ve allocated for list rentals or email blasts toward a more cost-effective and targeted contact discovery campaign instead.
  3. Integrate your communications with the Customer Buy Cycle. Are you communicating with customers and prospects at the right time with the right approach? Or, are you generating leads through a barrage of emails and handing them off to Sales? Marketers today must realize that some prospects that respond to programs are not always ready to talk to Sales. They may be in the Education phase and simply looking for resources. So, why waste the time of your valuable Sales resources and risk turning off your prospects with a premature Sales call? Make sure you are nurturing buyers with multi touch programs designed to programmatically usher them through the funnel.

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